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CGIN Connectivity Pack

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About the connectivity pack

The CGIN Connectivity Pack contains the CGIN Unified resource adaptor, a single resource adaptor for using many SS7 protocols with a Rhino SLEE.

The latest version of CGIN is 1.5.4.

CGIN versions 1.5.2 and higher support OpenCloud's OCSS7 SS7 stack, available separately. For information on installing and configuration the OCSS7 stack, please contact OpenCloud.

Starting from CGIN version 1.5.2, the OpenCloud Scenario Simulator is no longer included with the download package - the Simulator is now a separate product. See the Scenario Simulator DevPortal space for more information and a link to the free download.

You can download an evaluation version of the CGIN Connectivity Pack from the DevPortal downloads space.

Supported protocols include:

  • CAP-v1
  • CAP-v2
  • CAP-v3
  • CAP-v4
  • MAP
  • Ericsson INAP CS1
  • Ericsson INAP CS1+
  • Siemens INAP 5m+
  • Siemens INAP 7m+
  • Nokia INAP
  • TP INAP 7
  • INAP1 SK

See the CGIN Protocol and Software Compliance document for more information.

Instructions on how to the use the CGIN Connectivity Pack demo service are in the CGIN FAQ


This documentation set is for CGIN 1.5.x.
Documentation for CGIN 1.4, CGIN 1.3, CGIN 1.2 and CGIN 1.1 is also available.

Overview and administration guides

CGIN Connectivity Pack Overview and Concepts

Overview of the CGIN Connectivity Pack

CGIN RA Installation and Administration Guide

How to install and administer CGIN RAs

CGIN JavaDoc

JavaDoc for CGIN


CGIN Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluation reference

Protocol and Software Compliance

CGIN software compatibility compliance with supported SS7 protocols


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Tools user guides

Scenario Editor User Guide

Create and edit scenarios (for users of CGIN older than 1.5.2)

Scenario Simulator User Guide

Simulate network traffic (for users of CGIN older than 1.5.2)

TCAP Stack configuration guides

Using the teleSys MACH7 TCAP Stack

How to configure the CGIN RA to use the teleSys MACH7 TCAP stack

Using the Ulticom Signalware TCAP Stack

How to configure the CGIN RA to use the Ulticom Signalware TCAP stack

Using the Simulated TCAP Stack

How to configure the CGIN RA to use the Simulated TCAP stack

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