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FSM Tool Developer's Guide

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This document describes and provides instructions for using OpenCloud's FSM Tool (1.0.0), to automate development of state-machine-based services for the Rhino SLEE.


This document includes the following topics:

  • 1 About FSM and the FSM Tool — a overview of finite state machines (FSMs), FSMTool finite state machine, FSM specifications, the FSM execution model, and how OpenCloud's FSM Tool implements a FSM for the Rhino SLEE.
  • 2 Developing SLEE Services with FSM Tool — how FSM works with Rhino, using the FSM specification to code FSMs, current and planned features of the FSM Tool, and a sample FSM design.
  • 3 Quick Start (Download, Install, Try out) — steps to download, install, and walk through a sample application developed with FSM Tool.
  • 4 FSM Tool Procedures — instructions for developing a component with FSM Tool, including writing the FSM specification, generating an SBB, extending the generated SBB, compiling, packaging, deploying, documenting, and tracing; plus configuring the FSM Tool Ant task for code generation; and descriptions and examples of common patterns in FSM code.
  • Appendix A. FSMTool FSM DSL Syntax — a reference for the FSM definition language syntax.
  • Appendix B. FSMTool FSM DSL Grammar — a reference for the FSM definition language grammar.

Audience and Scope

Intended Audience

This document is for developers who want to develop SLEE services using the FSM Tool, and want to:

  • simplify service creation in Rhino SLEE
  • reduce the fault rates of their services
  • create services that are easier for other developers to understand
  • produce more accurate documentation
  • have the same performance as fully hand-coded services.

The instructions in this section assume familiarity with JAIN SLEE and Rhino development, and the OpenCloud XDoclet tool.


This document covers procedures for developing services for the Rhino SLEE using FSM Tool.

This document does not focus on basic concepts, administration, or developing for the Rhino SLEE in general (see the Rhino Documentation and the many resources on OpenCloud's Developer Portal).

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