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CGIN Connectivity Pack v1.5 is now available

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A new version of OpenCloud's CGIN Connectivity Pack v1.5 has been released, the new version contains various major improvements and bug fixes. Some of the most significant additions to the CGIN Connectivity Pack v1.5 are:

  • Added support for phase 1 of MAP, i.e. -v1 ACNs, in cgin-map. This includes support for blue-book TCAP in CGIN Unified RA, with a new counter OpenRequestNoInferredAC counting blue-book open requests for which no ACN can be inferred.
  • Allow multiple variants of a protocol on the external network to be aliased to a single protocol in the CGIN RA, and allow a service to nominate which external protocol to map to the internal protocol. This replaces the acn-mappings configuration property, which was 1 to 1 and used on both the inbound and outbound paths, by acn-inbound-aliases (n to 1) and acn-outbound-mappings (1 to 1)
  • Added our own SUA layer and changed tcapsim to use that, involving two new properties: tcapsim.remote-addresses and tcapsim.sctp-stack
  • Added com.opencloud.slee.resources.cgin.xpath.CGINJXPathContext for accessing fields in protocol messages via Apache's JXPath
  • Implemented INAP1-SK support
  • Performance
  • Added new configuration property "relaxed-decoding" to ignore certain BER decoding errors where the results are unambiguous.
  • Several improvements to the IN API

To download an evaluation copy of the CGIN Connectivity Pack v1.5, please follow this link. To view the documentation, please follow this link

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