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Callback Echo Service

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OpenCloud's Callback Echo Service echoes the messages received by the Telnet RA, on the telnet channel that the RA is listening on. The difference between the Echo Service is that the Root SBB delegates the handle of the MessageEvent event to the Child SBB and the Child SBB will callback methods in the Root SBB to echo the message or to detach from the activity.

This page includes:

  • a general description of the service
  • sample output illustrating how the service works
  • excerpts of source code with links to complete source files
  • a list of files you need to run the service
  • related excerpts from the JAIN SLEE specification
  • and a 'do-it-yourself' (DIY) section of console commands you can use to check out the service in action.
This page assumes... understand of the functionality of Telnet Resource Adaptor and how activities and events interact with the SLEE. This page also assumes an understand of the Echo Service and the Child Relation Echo Service.

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