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DeploymentException with repackaged DU jar

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We have a problem here when deploying some repackaged DU jars. During our production we are creating deployable unit Jar files for the Rhino container. These Jar files contain XML files which have to be modified before deployment. We do this with a Java Ant Task. During modification of the XML files, we unjar the deployable unit with ZipInputstream. After the modification of the XML files we create the Jar file again, also with ZipOutputstream without any modification of the file. However when deploying the DU we get a DeploymentException. Any suggestions?

$ jar tvf service.jar
1987 Wed Jun 13 09:34:02 NZST 2007 events.jar
76358 Wed Jun 13 09:34:02 NZST 2007 sbb.jar
331 Wed Jun 13 09:34:02 NZST 2007 META-INF\deployable-unit.xml
106 Wed Jun 13 09:34:02 NZST 2007 META-INF\MANIFEST.MF
693 Wed Jun 13 09:34:02 NZST 2007 service-jar.xml


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