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IS-41 (ANSI-41) RA

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The IS41 RA supports the IS-41 protocol (known also as ANSI-41), as specified in 3GPP2 N.S0005-0.


The documentation of the IS-41 (ANSI-41) RA is included with the OpenCloud IN Connectivity Pack.



OpenCloud API for the SS7 protocol IS41


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Statement of Compliance

The information below applies to the latest version of the IS-41 (ANSI-41) RA.

- Fully Compliant
- Partially Compliant
- Not Complaint
- Unknown

Spec Description Compliant Notes
3GPP2 N.S0005-0 Cellular Radiotelecommunications Intersystem Operations See Protocol Coverage below.
3GPP2 TIA X.S0004-xxx TIA-41 See Protocol Coverage below.

Protocol Coverage

This is a summary of the IS-41 messages available in OpenCloud's IS-41 Resource Adaptor.

- Indicates complete support for message and contained data types.
- Indicates no support for message.
- Indicates the coverage is unknown.
n/a - Message doesn't exist in specification.

Message/Type IS41D IS41E Win Phase II
FacilitySelectedAndAvailable request
FacilitySelectedAndAvailable response
OriginationRequest request
OriginationRequest response
LocationRequest request
LocationRequest response
AnalyzedInformation request
AnalyzedInformation response
MessageDirective request
MessageDirective response
ServiceRequest request
ServiceRequest response
TBusy request
TBusy response
TNoAnswer request
TNoAnswer response
NumberPortabilityRequest request
NumberPortabilityRequest response
RedirectionRequest request
RedirectionRequest response
OAnswer request n/a n/a
OAnswer response n/a n/a
ODisconnect request n/a n/a
ODisconnect response n/a n/a
TAnswer request n/a n/a
TAnswer response n/a n/a
TDisconnect request n/a n/a
TDisconnect response n/a n/a
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