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J2EE Resource Adaptor Events and Class Loader

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I am thinking about introducing a Base Event Implementation that couples some cross cutting concerns for all events to be passed between J2EE and SLEE. How will the class loader structure of Rhino tolerate the following:

  • The Base Event has the methods setDataTransferObject() and getDataTransferObject() that return a Serializable
  • When sending the event to the SLEE the set-method is called and when receiving the event the get-method is called
  • In the SLEE just the implementation of the Base Event is deployed. The data transfer object will be deployed at the J2EE side with the application sending the event and at the SLEE side with the SBB
  • When serializing it the DTO (data transfer object) should be available in the J2EE container which I guess will work. But when delivering the event to Rhino this will try to deserialize it.

Will the J2EE RA fail because it cannot deserialize the DTO as the class is not with the SBB class loader?

If this is so, lets assume the Base Event will get its own serialize and deserialize and the data is sent transparently. Will it work when I call the Event deserialize or is the event still only known to the RA classloader?

If this is so, lets assume I have a class deployed with the SBB that takes care of deserializing the DTO, is this going to work?


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