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A Service Logic Execution Environment (SLEE) is a well known concept in the telecommunications industry. A SLEE is a high throughput, low latency event processing application environment. JAIN SLEE is the Java standard for SLEE.

JAIN SLEE is designed to allow implementations of the standard to meet the stringent requirements of communications applications, such as network signaling applications. The JAIN SLEE specification is designed so that implementations can achieve scalability and availability through clustering architectures.

JAIN SLEE is the only industry standard aimed at portable communications applications, i.e. a communications application can be written once and run on many different implementations of JAIN SLEE. Application portability is made possible by the combination of a programming language API (specified using the Java programming language), an unambiguous technical specification, a Reference Implementation, and a rigorous suite of tests that a vendor must pass before their product is compliant with the JAIN SLEE specification.

JAIN SLEE is the point of integration for multiple network resources and protocols. Applications can use many different external network resources from within the JAIN SLEE environment. The JAIN SLEE specification allows developers to write robust components as integrates the well known ACID properties of transactions into the programming model. Components can be composed to solve more complex problems.

JAIN SLEE 1.0 specification
JAIN SLEE 1.1 specification

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