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JSLEE Application Compendium

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A wealth of applications for the OpenCloud Rhino platform

This Compendium presents several categories of revenue-generating applications from OpenCloud, OpenCloud partners, or developed by Telcos for Rhino. Each category includes a list of applications, and each list includes links to short descriptions of each application. OpenCloud designed the Compendium to generate awareness of the ever-growing list of JAIN SLEE applications available on the OpenCloud Rhino platform. We regularly update the Compendium with new and enhanced applications.

Who will be interested?

The Compendium should interest:

  • operators — considering revenue-generating applications for deployment on the Rhino platform
  • service providers — analyzing available services and sparking new service ideas
  • OpenCloud partners — using the list as a catalyst for innovation, by considering a range of real-life applications that they may want to enhance or evolve into wider solutions.
Open, accessible, and available
OpenCloud has made this catalog open and easily accessible to all: in the spirit of openness of the JSLEE community. As such, we would welcome any feedback and application additions that you think should be included, so that we can build beyond these initial applications.

The Compendium lists all applications alphabetically as well as sorted into broad categories. You can also find applications using the search box below.

OpenCloud's ecosystem of partners support most applications in the Compendium, so if you are interested in exploring deployment of any of them, please contact OpenCloud.

Below are one-line summaries, linked to one-page descriptions, of each application. If you are interested in exploring any of them in more depth, please contact OpenCloud.

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