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Maven JAIN SLEE Plugin

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Building deployable jars and units automatically
OpenCloud provides you all the resources that you need to develop JAIN SLEE components using the Maven build tool. This page describes the Maven JAIN SLEE plugin that lets you build deployable jars and deployable units. Among other features, the plugin automatically builds the library deployable jar and verifies the file and directory structure. This page includes:

Read the Release Notes.

For more about Maven in general, see Complete Maven Instructions.

JAIN SLEE project structure

Below are summaries of the project structure when using Maven to develop one or many JAIN SLEE components.

One JAIN SLEE component

The directory structure for a Maven project to develop one JAIN SLEE component is like the Maven default project, except that the JAIN SLEE project includes a pom.xml file and deployment descriptors.
Click here to display the directory structure

The POM file and JAIN SLEE plugin

The pom.xml file:

  • defines the JAIN SLEE component type, as specified by the project's packaging type. Available packaging types include: jainslee-events-jar, jainslee-ratype-jar, jainslee-ra-jar, jainslee-sbb-jar and jainslee-profilespec-jar.
    Click here to display a sample pom.xml file
  • declares the JAIN SLEE plugin and required configuration.

The JAIN SLEE plugin:

  • verifies the correct project structure and creates the deployable jar according to the component type
  • can use dependencies to refer other JAIN SLEE components and/or create a library jar
  • (in the near future, will also automatically deploy the deployable unit).

Source files, test files, and deployment descriptors

JAIN SLEE project source files and test files are the same as for a normal Maven project. Deployable jars include all directories and files, in src/main/resources — except the deployment-unit directory, which contains service descriptors and the library descriptor.

Multiple JAIN SLEE components

A Maven JAIN SLEE project to develop multiple components is the same as a normal multi-module Maven project with aggregation. The JAIN SLEE plugin in this case creates one deployment unit for all projects in the reactor.

Creating deployable jars and deployable units

Below are examples of creating the following types of deployable jars and deployable units: services, resource adaptors, libraries, independent deployable units and complex deployable units


Below are examples of adding the following artifact dependencies to a project and including them in the generated library jar: Maven artifacts, JAIN SLEE components and custom dependencies.

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