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Number Translation Service

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Number Translation Service


Lets operators manage and route calls to any kind of non-geographical numbers, such as freephone, premium-rate service, or universal-access numbers. Supports number translation, modification, origination, destination number, and time/date screening, as well as call distribution and counting functions — and configuring any of these features for subscriber-specific use cases.

This application provides a solution for:

  • a single number for multiple geographic end points
  • use of a local number to reach a national or international number
  • premium charging or free charging for calls made to specific numbers
  • centralized and optimized screening and appropriate routing of calls
  • number translation based on location, to route calls to specific localized endpoints
  • call routing for business services
  • congestion handling, to automatically reroute calls to deal with congestion, including that associated with rerouting many calls to the same endpoint.

Operators can customize many routing and billing options, per number, depending on the services they need. The application supports different screening options, for example by incoming call location, time, or duration.




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