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Online Charging Front End

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Online Charging Front End


In recognition of the importance of real-time charging, the 3GPP now refers to "on-line" and "off-line" charging rather than "pre-" and "post-paid" charging. The 3GPP Charging Architecture and Principles Specification (TS 32.240) defines a functional separation between the charging-trigger function (CTF) of a network and the charging function for online charging . Online Charging Front End (OCFE) addresses the CTF function. Its key features include:
  • real-time session control for telecoms services, regardless of whether they are charged pre- or post-paid
  • multiple, concurrent sessions against a single subscriber account and associated balances
  • configurable subscriber rules, so that a service can stay available (or be denied) on a per-subscriber basis, for periods when the OCS is unavailable or does not respond
  • carrier-grade service control on commodity hardware, making IN-grade service control available to any OCS
  • session- and event-based charging functions
  • event/session detail record-handling
  • balance-query functions
  • balance-recharge functions
  • a single, unified pricing system
  • support for groups of subs
  • support and reward of cross-service use and subscription
  • pricing information in real time, for operators and subscribers
  • service control in real time
  • business functionality to understand product, sub-lifetime value, up-sell, and so on
  • high-availability pricing system
  • service mediation and provisioning.




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