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If you're just getting started, review the OpenCloud Development Resources page to help you get coding sooner.

  • The OpenCloud Knowledgebase contains answers to some frequently asked questions about developing with JAIN SLEE and OpenCloud products.
  • The How To Guides provide step-by-step instructions for performing specific tasks.
  • Several whitepapers written by OpenCloud on JAIN SLEE are also available.

OpenCloud Knowledgebase

The JAIN SLEE standard
  Rhino SLEE
The Rhino application server
  Resource Adaptors
OpenCloud Resource Adaptors
Integrating with JEE platforms and DBs
Supported DBs, OSs and stacks

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How-to Guides

  General How-to Guides
Articles about the Rhino application server
  Development How-to Guides
  Debugging and Problem Diagnosis How-to Guides
  SLEE 1.1 How-to Guides

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This section contains whitepapers written by OpenCloud.

Developing Portable Applications with JAIN SLEE
JAIN SLEE is Simple
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