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Rhino 2.2

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Rhino 2.2 has been released

Rhino is an application server that supports the development of telecommunications applications. It is a Java platform that implements the JAIN SLEE 1.1 specification, JSR 240. The Rhino SLEE can be used to develop and deploy carrier-grade applications that use SS7 based protocols such as INAP and CAP, IMS protocols such as ISC and Diameter and IP based protocols such as HTTP and SIP.

Production Rhino is built on carrier-grade fault-tolerant infrastructure that provides continuous availability, service logic execution and on-line management even during network outages, hardware failure, software failure and maintenance operations.
Contact OpenCloud Sales or apply, free of charge, for an Educational Community License.

The Rhino SLEE 2.2 SDK is intended to support development of prototype and proof of concept Services and the evaluation of Rhino. The SDK runs in a single Java Virtual Machine and does not provide all of the fault tolerance capabilities of a production Rhino installation.

See the Rhino 2.2 GA Documentation Set ...

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