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Ringback Tone


Lets subscribers use personalized tones or music, played as "Ringback Tones" (RBTs) to the calling parties.

Users can select and pre-listen to predefined tones. Once they select an RBT, that melody plays to the calling party until they pick up the phone.

This application customizes the content served to a calling party, when the call is in the alerting state — for example, customized "waiting for the answer" behavior per called party.

Plays different customized voices or streaming videos depending on called-party configurations. Can play sounds or videos before the connection or just after finishing the call (for example, to show information about the connection cost). Uses two independent modules: a media server and a service-logic component that processes incoming calls.

Key features include:

  • voice and video support
  • availability of various logical criteria for the served-content selection
  • YouTube integration with content access for personal and most-popular.




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