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SLEE Freephone FSM Service for IN and IMS

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Enhancing the SLEE Freephone service with FSM Tool

This is the third "walkthrough" of a series of articles on how to develop a SLEE Freephone service. The first article walked through the process of creating a simple and real-world Freephone Service for IN. The second article demonstrated how the same service could be developed for deployment in both IN and (SIP-based) IMS networks. This article walks through the process of migrating the previous versions of the service to use the FSM Tool.

Below are:

  • an overview of what FSM Tool is and how it works
  • an example of the state machine you would create in migrating the Freephone service to use FSM Tool
  • the specification for a finite state machine (FSM) for the CAP SBB
  • the diagram FSM Tool generates for the CAP SBB state machine
  • some conclusions about how FSM Tool can be used for cleaner, clearer, forward-thinking development and maintenance.
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