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SLEE Freephone Service

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Developing a real-world service

This article walks through the process of developing, deploying, and testing a simple, real-world, and customizable freephone service for a mobile operator, using JAIN SLEE. It uses tools and a development environment most Java developers will be familiar with.

What is a freephone service?
A freephone service is a special telephone number, such as an 800 number, where the telephone carrier charges the called party (instead of the calling party) for the cost of calls. Freephone services drove the evolution of intelligent networks (IN), in requiring the translation of toll-free numbers to regular public switched telephone network (PSTN) numbers. 1
This article and all the source code has been updated in September 2010 to use the CGIN Connectivity Pack.


Ref Notes
1 John Anderson, Intelligent Networks: Principles and Applications, United Kingdom, The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 2002
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