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Sample JAIN SLEE Development Environment

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This page contains the instructions to configure an environment to develop and deploy JAIN SLEE components. These instructions assume a Linux Operating System, Sun JDK and Rhino SDK environment — but can easily be applied to a Windows or Rhino Production environment.

For your convenience, we recommend also installing a build tool like Ant or Maven. Among other things, these tools will allow you to create the deployment units and deploy them in the SLEE.

Below are instructions for setting up the Sun JDK and Rhino SDK, and then installing Apache Ant or Maven build tools (depending on which you will use in your development environment).

Quick start
If you are already familiar with JAIN SLEE, Rhino and Ant, and you want to set up the recommended development environment quickly, then follow these four basic steps (otherwise read the instructions below):
  1. Install Sun JDK 1.5.
  2. Install OpenCloud Rhino SDK.
  3. Install Apache Ant.
  4. Follow the 5 Easy Steps to Deploying a JSLEE Component using Ant page.

1. Setup JDK and SDK

2. Install Ant or Maven

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