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Simple Examples

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Simple Examples

This page aggregates simple examples. The goal of these examples is to demonstrate how to use specific JAIN SLEE or Rhino features.

Each example has the the source code available (directly through SVN), explanation of the implementation and references to available documentation.

All the examples assume JAIN SLEE 1.1 and an instance of Rhino 2.x series for SLEE specific features. The build tool used to develop this examples is Maven. Read the page Sample JAIN SLEE Development Environment for more information.

JSLEE Services
Activity Attachment Echo Service
Activity End Echo Service
Alarm Echo Service
Callback Echo Service
Child Delegation Echo Service
Child Relation Echo Service
Convergence Echo Service
Count Echo Service
Echo Service
Echo Service - Two Events
Environment Entry Echo Service
Event Context Echo Services
Fire Custom Event Echo Service
Fire Event Echo Service
Initial Event Echo Service
Mask Event Echo Service
Null Activity Services
Priority Echo Service
Profile Abstract Class Echo Service
Profiles Activity Service
Profiles Echo Service
Profiles Management Echo Service
Profiles Static Query Echo Service
Rate Limiter Echo Service
Rollback Echo Service
Service Activity Echo Service
Shared Attributes Services
SOAP Echo Service
Talk Service
Telnet Provider Echo Service
Timer Echo Service
Usage Echo Service
JSLEE Resource Adaptors
TCP Resource Adaptor
Telnet Resource Adaptor
Telnet Resource Adaptor - Management
Telnet Resource Adaptor - MINA
Telnet Resource Adaptor - Provider
Telnet Resource Adaptor - Rate Limiter
Telnet Resource Adaptor - Two Events
Telnet Resource Adaptor - Usage

Alarm Notification Application
Events Statistics Monitor Application
State Change Notification Application
Trace Notification Application
Usage Notification Application

Online Service Upgrade Operation
Rate Limiting (Overload Control)
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