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Tele Voting


Lets subscribers poll for opinions. Users can subscribe to one or more vote numbers from a service provider, and institutions can collect statistical public-opinion data through the telephone network. The generic Tele Voting service offers three main voting options:
  • mono-option — registers one vote per call to a vote number, totals them, and generates a report for subscribers
  • multi-option — prompts callers to select options upon calling a vote number, and registers votes based their selections
  • contest-option voting — like mono-option, but also selects some callers as winners of a contest.

Operators can use the application functions to count the calls to network numbers, which correspond to advertised voting options. When callers dial numbers advertised for voting preferences, the application:

  • registers the calls in counting-service logic
  • typically raises a unit fee
  • terminates the calls, after announcements that assure callers that their votes have been registered.




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