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1 About PostgreSQL Backups

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Disk-based data store for Rhino backups

During normal operation, all SLEE management and profile data resides in its own in-memory distributed database. The memory database is fault tolerant and can survive the failure of a node. However, for management and profile data to survive a total restart of the cluster, it must be persisted to a permanent, disk-based data store. OpenCloud Rhino SLEE uses the PostgreSQL database for this purpose.

For scheduled backups, PostgreSQL's pg_dump utility can backup the main working memory and working configuration. Backups created using pg_dump can later be restored using pg_restore.

When to export instead of backing up
You can only successfully restore database backups made with pg_dump using the same Rhino SLEE version with the restored database. For backups that can reliably be used for restoring to different versions of the Rhino SLEE, create an export image of the SLEE.
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