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1 About Rate Limiting

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How does rate limiting work?

For rate limiting with the Rhino SLEE:

  • An administrator creates limiters and assembles them into hierarchies.
  • The administrator connects those limiters to limiter endpoints.
  • RAs and SBBs determine the number of units needed for a particular piece of work.
  • RAs, SBBs, and Rhino code use limiter endpoints to determine if a piece of work can be done (for example, if a message can be processed or sent).

Per-node configuration
Some limiter properties can be overridden on a per-node basis (a value set this way is called a per-node value). For example, a rate limiter's maximum allowed rate could be set differently for different sized machines.

Each node always independently maintains the working state of each limiter (counts of units used and so on).

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