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3 Manual Installation

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Detailed configuration and deployment instructions
This page explains in more detail how to configure and deploy the SIP resource adaptor and examples services that come with Rhino. If you just want to get something up and running quickly, see Quick Start.

Configuring and deploying the SIP resource adaptor and services

To manually install and configure the example SIP services:

(Then you can use the sample SIP services with SIP user agents.)

Modifying service source code
Please experiment with the examples, and try implementing new features. The source code for all the example services can be found in src/com/opencloud/slee/services.

If you change the source code of any of the examples, you can easily recompile and deploy them using the Ant targets in build.xml. If a service is already installed, remove it using the relevant undeploy Ant target (such as undeployregistrar), then rebuild and redeploy using the relevant deploy target (use ant -p to list the possible targets). All the deploy targets are written so that they recompile, rebuild jars, and deploy any dependencies that are not already installed.

It pays to familiarise yourself with Ant and the deploy/undeploy targets in build.xml. This will make it easier to build, deploy and test your own projects.

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