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9 Auditing Management Operations

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Management operation logs

As of Rhino 2.2, Rhino now logs all management operations to two log files in the working directory of each Rhino node (work/logs by default): management.csv, a plain text CSV file; and, a second, encrypted copy of the logs. (You can use the encrypted version to detect tampering with the plain text copy – decode with the decrypt-management-log script, in the client/bin directory.)

The management audit logs roll over once they reach 100MB, with an unlimited number of backup files. This logging configuration is currently hard-coded.

Below are descriptions of each field logged, available operation types, commands for getting and setting the audit level, and two examples: 1) Deploying an RA, and creating and activating a resource adaptor entity for it; and 2) A GET-ATTRIBUTES operation called on the Licensing MBean.

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