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Rhino (Production) Getting Started Guide

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This document is the first place to go to get started using the production version of Rhino 2.3.1. It includes hardware and software requirements, installation instructions, and the basic steps for starting and stopping a Rhino SLEE.


This document includes the following topics:

  • Preparing to Install Rhino — checking hardware and operating system requirements, installing Java and PostgreSQL, and configuring the network (IP addresses, host names and firewall rules).
  • Installing Rhino — unpacking and installing the Rhino base, creating cluster nodes, and initialising the database.
  • Running Rhino — creating the primary component, starting nodes, starting the SLEE and stopping nodes and clusters.
  • Appendixes — Optional configuration, installed files, runtime files and procedures for uninstalling.

Audience and Scope

Intended Audience

This document is for administrators (and anyone else responsible for) installing and getting started using the production version of Rhino 2.3.1.

This document assumes a basic knowledge of core concepts about Rhino and JAIN SLEE (see Rhino Overview and Concepts).


This document provides a basic overview of the steps needed to install and run the production version Rhino 2.3.1. (For the SDK version, see Rhino (SDK) Getting Started Guide.)

For more information, including Administration & Deployment see the main Rhino Documentation page. For troubleshooting and other topics, see the How-to Guides and Knowledgebase on OpenCloud's Developer Portal.

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