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Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide

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This document details basic procedures for system administrators managing, maintaining, configuring and deploying the Rhino 2.3.1 SLEE using the command line console. To manage using a web interface, see the Rhino Element Manager documentation.


This document includes the following topics:

  • SLEE Management — administrative tasks for day-to-day management of the Rhino SLEE, its components and entities deployed in it, including: operational state, deployable units, services, resource adaptor entities, per-node activation state, profile tables and profiles, alarms, usage and user transactions.
  • Rhino Configuration — procedures for configuring Rhino upon installation, and as needed (for example to tune performance), including: logging, staging, object pools, licenses, rate limiting, security and external databases.
  • Backup and Restore — backing up and restoring the database, and exporting and importing the SLEE.

Audience and Scope

Intended Audience

This document is for system administrators (and anyone else responsible for) deploying, managing and maintaining the production version of Rhino 2.3.1.

This document assumes a basic knowledge of core concepts about Rhino, JAIN SLEE and Java Management Extensions (JMX).


This document covers procedures for administering and deploying the Rhino SLEE.

This document does not focus on:

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