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Sample SIP Applications

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This document describes the sample SIP applications that come with Rhino and how to prepare, deploy, configure and run them.


This document includes the following topics:

  • About the Sample Applications — descriptions and list of files and directories containing the sample resource adaptor, services and SBBs included with the Rhino SLEE
  • Quick Start — brief instructions for setting up the environment, running the build script and configuring the services
  • Manual Installation — more detailed instructions for configuring and deploying the SIP RA installation; specifying a location service; installing the Registrar, Proxy and Presence services and modifying service source code.
  • Using the Services — how to configure and use a SIP user agent with the example services, and enable tracing SIP services.

Audience and Scope

Intended Audience

The SIP examples are for SLEE developers and administrators who want to:

  • quickly get demonstration applications running in Rhino SLEE
  • become familiar with SBB programming and deployment practices.

The instructions in this section assume some basic familiarity with the SIP protocol and concepts.


The examples illustrate how some typical SIP services can be implemented using a SLEE. They are not intended for production use.

The examples run on all supported Rhino SLEE platforms, and can be used with most SIP user agents. See Using the Services for information about SIP user agents that have been tested with these examples.

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