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This documentation applies to an earlier version of Rhino SLEE. Click here to access the latest version.

What is New in Rhino 2.2

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Rhino 2.2 is compliant to the JSLEE 1.1 specification with a 100% pass rate with the JAIN SLEE 1.1 Test Compatibility Kit (TCK).

New and enhanced features in Rhino 2.2

Rhino 2.2 builds on the previous 2.1.x releases from OpenCloud. The main features of Rhino 2.2 are:

  • OAM audit logs — OAM operations are now written to audit logs
  • SNMP monitoring — Native support for SNMP Performance and Fault management
  • Rhino Element Manager — A brand new OAM function for Rhino, used for configuration management.
  • Enhanced scalability — Enhanced scalability with many established sessions
  • Updated environment — Rhino 2.2 builds with Java 6 and supports 64-bit JVM and RHEL 5.5 Linux OS
  • Oracle Support — Support for Oracle as a Backing Database
  • Consolidation — Rhino 2.2 consolidates bug fixes from all Rhino 2.1 patch releases.
See also What is New in Rhino 2.1, which describes features such as:
  • 250% greater throughput over Rhino 2.0.x
  • Enhanced support for multi-node clusters, for small-scale HA installations
  • Administrator created "rate limiters" for fine-grained control over workload, input and output
  • More robust cluster membership
  • Simplified SDK installation
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