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3 Application-State Maintenance

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Cleaning up stale or problematic activities and SBB entities

As well as an overview of application-state maintenance, this section includes instructions for performing the following Rhino SLEE procedures with explanations, examples and links to related javadocs:

Procedure rhino-console command(s) MBean → Operation(s)
Finding Housekeeping MBeans Rhino Housekeeping → getClusterInspector
Rhino Housekeeping → getNodeInspector
Finding activities in the SLEE findactivities Housekeeping → getActivities
Getting detailed information about an activity getactivityinfo Housekeeping → getActivityInfo
Forcefully removing an activity removeactivity Housekeeping → removeActivity
Marking all activities of a resource adaptor entity for removal removeallactivities Rhino Housekeeping → markAllActivitiesForRemoval
Finding SBB entities in the SLEE findsbbs Housekeeping → getSbbs
Getting detailed information about an SBB entity getsbbinfo Housekeeping → getSbbInfo
Forcefully removing an SBB entity removesbb Housekeeping → removeSbb
Removing all SBB entities of a service removeallsbbs Rhino Housekeeping → RemoveAllSbbs
Inspecting environment entries getenventries Deployment → getEnvEntries
Setting environment entries setenventries Deployment → setEnvEntries
Inspecting security permissions getsecuritypolicy Deployment → getSecurityPolicy
Modifying security permissions setsecuritypolicy Deployment → setSecurityPolicy
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