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2 Unpacking the Rhino SDK

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Unpack and review

The Rhino SLEE is delivered as a compressed zip file named for Linux/Solaris or Windows. To begin the Rhino installation:

  1. Unzip
    • With Linux/Solaris, use the unzip command:
      $ unzip

      This will create the distribution directory, RhinoSDK, in the current working directory (for example, /home/user/rhino/RhinoSDK).

    • With Windows, unzip the zip file to C:\RhinoSDK or another suitable directory.
  2. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of the Oracle JDK installation (see Install Java (SDK)).
  3. Read the release notes. Be sure to read any last-minute instructions included with your release of Rhino. The compressed zip file will include the following, which will uncompress to the RhinoSDK distribution directory:
    • doc/CHANGELOG — summarizes what's changed between previous versions of Rhino and this one.
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