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4 Inspecting SLEE runtime state

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Inspecting activities, SBBs, timers, transactions, and threads

The Element Manager lets you view a summary, filtered list, and details of the runtime state of SLEE items (and remove them) through its web-based GUI.

1 From the dashboard, select Inspections ► and then Activities, SBBs, Timers, Transactions, or Threads (depending on what you want to inspect).

The Activities, SBBs, Timers, Transactions, or Threads page lists up to 100 of the selected item.

(click to enlarge)
Transactions display long-running transactions in the SLEE event router.

Threads display the state of SLEE event router threads. This list is typically empty if SBBs do not perform any synchronous operations, and only displays threads for the connected node.

2 A default selection displays for each type of item. To change the search criteria, click change (at top left).
Search Criteria display for that item.
(click to enlarge)
  • For each criterion you want to change, click the checkbox to select it, enter your changes, and click Apply.
    REM lists just the items that fit those criteria.
3 To view details of a particular item, click it.
Details display below the list.
(click to enlarge)
Detail is from the time REM retrieves the table from the server – current information may differ from the table view.

An activity that has ended since REM generated the list will turn grey when clicked.

  • To clear the details from the display, click Clear Display.
    REM clears the details, to again show just the list at top.
4 To remove the selected item, click Remove <item>.
REM removes the item.
Rhino internal activities cannot be removed.
Removing activities or SBBs can cause unexpected behaviour in resource adaptors and services!
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