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3 Interceptors

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Using interceptors

You can use interceptors to inspect and manipulate the signaling between a service and the SIS, or between the SIS and the network. This lets you:

  • blend services developed in isolation — by intercepting and changing the signaling, to ensure each can be executed correctly
  • augment the behaviour of services (in ways not imagined when the services were developed)
  • alter messages received from the network before the SIS starts processing them
  • alter messages sent by the SIS, for example to add message fields not set by the SIS.

What is an interceptor?
An interceptor is a set of script elements that may modify the parameters of the messages it intercepts (or may perform some other action). Interceptor scripts are typically embedded directly within a composition. However an interceptor can also be installed as a SIS component in its own right, allowing it to be invoked by SLEE applications or other interceptors.

Below is a sample interceptor and a description of the schema syntax.

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