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5 Managing Interceptors

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Signaling interceptors

An interceptor can be used to inspect and manipulate the signaling between a service and the SIS, or between the SIS and the network.

An interceptor reference identifies an interceptor component to SIS compositions or other interceptors.

The Interceptor Management MBean includes operations for performing the following procedures on a SIS instance:

sis-console command(s) MBean(s) → Operation
Procedure: Install an interceptor
installinterceptor Interceptor Management → install
Procedure: Replace an existing interceptor
replaceinterceptor Interceptor Management → replace
Procedure: Uninstall a interceptor
uninstallinterceptor Interceptor Management → uninstall
Procedure: View a interceptor
Interceptor Management → getInterceptors
Interceptor Management → getInterceptor
Procedure: Create an interceptor reference
createinterceptorref Interceptor Management → createServiceInterceptorRef
Procedure: Replace an existing interceptor reference
replaceinterceptorref Interceptor Management → replaceInterceptorRef
Procedure: Remove an interceptor reference
removeinterceptorref Interceptor Management → removeInterceptorRef
Procedure: View an interceptor reference
Interceptor Management → getInterceptorRefs
Interceptor Management → getDescriptor
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