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SIS Visual Interaction Architect (VIA) User Guide

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This document provides instructions for using the Visual Interaction Architect (VIA), a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool you can use to build and deploy SIS components (triggers, compositions, and macros).


This document includes the following topics:

  • About the VIA — a brief overview of the Visual Interaction Architect (VIA)
  • Installing VIA — procedures for choosing and installing the correct version of VIA for your OS and Java JVM
  • Creating SIS components with the VIA — procedures for creating SIS triggers, compositions, macros, and different types of service references; and removing and modifying SIS components
  • Managing live SIS deployments with VIA — using the SIS Management API to remotely manage the deployment of a SIS, downloading SIS components from a remote SIS, and changing and updating the deployment with local changes

Audience and Scope

Intended Audience

This document is for system administrators as well as service developers who intend to use the VIA GUI for creating, deploying, managing, and maintaining the SIS on a Rhino SLEE.

This document assumes a knowledge of the concepts explained in SIS Overview and Concepts.


This document covers procedures for installing and using the Visual Interaction Architect (VIA) GUI.

This document does NOT focus on:

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