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What is new in VSA 1.1.0

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New features

Here's what's new in VSA 1.1.0:

Installation as an Eclipse plugin for Eclipse versions 3.6 and 3.7 (as well as the Rich Client Platform distribution supported previously).

Can deploy services to a remote SLEE.

Much enhanced FSM diagram look-and-feel.

Many other improvements and bug fixes (see below).

VSA 1.1.0 is backward-compatible with previous VSA releases — old projects will be automatically upgraded when they are opened.

The VSA Examples are now available from the OpenCloud Developer Portal (instead of being packaged with VSA).

Improvements and bug fixes

The VSA 1.1.0 also includes fixes to the following issues (numbers and descriptions from the OpenCloud JIRA ticketing system):

Issue # Description
VSA-479 The RA entity name assigned by VSA now contains the service name
VSA-757 Inputs configured in Action Specification dialog no longer appear multiple times in the 'send' list of the corresponding action in the FSM DSL file.
VSA-802 When deleting states in the FSM diagram, VSA now checks if the removal of any of the states' entry or exit actions would leave unreferenced actions in the FSM and optionally removes them.
VSA-869 Fixed an issue which caused the DEL key to be ignored when working with diagrams.
VSA-870 The dialog that checks if left-over actions should be removed has been improved.
VSA-873 It is now possible to deploy a service to a remote SLEE.
VSA-879 The save shortcut is no longer disabled when items are selected in the diagram.
VSA-884 Validation has been added to check for empty onEntry and onExit compartments.
VSA-887 The "Show References" command has been fixed.
VSA-889 A superfluous "element is not a known instance of null" message is no longer displayed in logs.
VSA-890 It is now possible to drag an action to a different type of compartment (for example, an action can now be dragged from an exit compartment to an entry compartment).
VSA-893 Tooltips throughout VSA have been improved.
VSA-897 The initial positions of states in FSM diagrams has been improved.
VSA-898 The 'Import from DSL' context-menu command no longer asks for a parent project.
VSA-901 It is no longer possible to have a state that is both 'initial' and 'final'.
VSA-902 The Palette is now refreshed when a new FSM template is added.
VSA-904 It is no longer possible to deploy 'broken' code from VSA to Rhino.
VSA-917 The Reinitialize from DSL action can now handle Java Condition elements.
VSA-920 Improved the code generator to handle assignment to and from profile tables in a more reliable manner.
VSA-934 The standard AddressProfileSpec 1.1 is now included by default with VSA.
VSA-1019 The component repository now calculates the dependencies of RA jars correctly.
VSA-925 The VSA 'About' dialog now includes a link to the VSA tutorial site.
VSA-200 Improving states in the FSM diagram so that they now contain distinct compartments for entry, exit and input actions.
VSA-727 It i now possible to view action specifications via a tooltip.
VSA-852 Copy and paste has been implemented for scenario diagrams only (other diagram types will include copy and paste in a future release).
VSA-877 It is now possible to jump to the action implementation code without requiring a full rebuild.
VSA-881 The palette now contains new items for creating action compartments and actions.
VSA-919 It is now possible to edit and delete endpoints from the Condition dialog.
VSA-762 A user can now follow a sent input to a specific target diagram and open it in a new editor tab.
VSA-855 It is now possible to download and install VSA as an Eclipse plugin.
VSA-927 Examples are no longer packaged with VSA - they are now available, with their documentation, on the OpenCloud DevPortal.
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