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1 About the VSA

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What is the Visual Service Architect (VSA)?

VSA offers a visual design environment, with a graphic interface you can use for building SLEE services and for deploying them into a Rhino SLEE.

As explained in [1 About Deployable Units], SLEE services consist of a set of java code and deployment descriptor artifacts (compliant with the JAIN SLEE specification), which are bundled into a deployable unit jar archive, and then deployed into Rhino SLEE through a management interface.

Without VSA:
These artifacts have to be produced through a careful semi-manual process. Tools like ANT and FSM Tool help, but the developer still needs to write Java, FSM DSL code, and scripts for compilation and bundling by hand.
With VSA:
You can create SLEE services (based on the FSM analogy) visually as diagrams.
VSA then takes over the task of generating the bulk of the service implementation code, and all of the deployment descriptor and deployable unit bundle generation.
You can also use VSA to deploy and un-deploy the SLEE services you produce with it, into a running SLEE.
You can use VSA for other management operations as well, such as activating and deactivating services.


The following screenshot shows key components of the VSA GUI.

For more information on the Rhino SLEE generally, see the [Rhino Overview and Concepts] document.
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