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What's new in this release

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The full VSA Changelog describing features, improvements and bugfixes included in each release is available on the VSA download page. It is also included inside the download package for the Rich Client Platform, and with the Eclipse plugin.

VSA 2.0.1

VSA 2.0.1 is a maintenance release to support Eclipse 4.2 (Juno). This release also contains several bugfixes.

VSA 2.0.0

New in VSA 2.0.0 is

DSL editing and 'round trip'.

It is now possible to edit the DSL for diagrams directly through the editor, which supports syntax-highlighting and code completion. Changes made in the DSL file are now reflected automatically in the associated diagram. This allows the user to add, edit and delete components directly from the DSL file.

To support this, the internal model of VSA has been changed so that it no longer requires a binary file for storing diagram information. The only files required to define a project are now the DSL files themselves.

The addition of 'roundtrip' makes the use of source control environments completely seamless in VSA. Since the DSL files are now the only required source files, multi-user operations such as diffs and merges can be carried out in a simple textual way.

Comments attached to components

Comments made in the DSL files are now added to the diagram as notes attached to the relevant component.

Cut, copy and paste

Cut, copy and paste has been enabled for action diagrams, FSM diagrams and scenario diagrams.

Full-screen mode

VSA can now be run in full-screen mode.

VSA 1.1.0

New in VSA 1.1.0 is

  • Installation as an Eclipse plugin for Eclipse versions 3.6 and 3.7. Users can now work with VSA inside their existing Eclipse IDE (the stand-alone Rich Client Platform distribution is also supported)
  • The FSM diagram look-and-feel has been enhanced to provide clearer diagrams and better usability for users with projects containing complex FSMs.
  • It is now possible to deploy services to a remote SLEE.

VSA 1.0.0

VSA 1.0 was the initial VSA release. Everything is new.

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