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3 Application scenario diagram

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About application scenario diagrams

The application scenario diagram shows the interaction between your application and all external agents (such as switches, home location registers, and data sources).

It provides the systems-level view of the application, and lets you visualize the connections and communication between all components in your application. The box in the middle contains the FSMs that define the application behaviour, and outside are the external agents the application interacts with. Each channel on the diagram is a relation between two parts of the application. For example, between two FSMs, or between an external agent (such as a switch) and an FSM.

Each VSA project contains one application scenario diagram. VSA creates the diagram automatically when you create the project.

You can open an FSM in the application by double-clicking an FSM symbol. VSA will create a new FSM Editor tab for the FSM. If you already have an Editor open, then it will make its Editor tab active.

You can find project's application scenario diagram in the model subfolder of the project's main node, in the Project Explorer.

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