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Anonymous Call Screening (Dev Portal)
Lets users filter anonymous calls (where the caller has not provided their calling number). Requires an anonymous caller to record their name, then plays it to the user of the service. The user can then accept or refuse the call, or forward it to their voicemail. The service can also ...
Other labels: app-mobile, application-compendium
Fraud Protection (Dev Portal)
Prevents illegal use of an account, by letting the service provider bar the account from further use based on: unsuccessful user authentication (for example, configuring to bar the account after three incorrect PIN entries) simultaneous calls on the same virtual ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
Presence Server (Dev Portal)
Lets operators leverage a range of open Presence applications, by using the OpenCloud Rhino product. Not just limited to showing the status of an individual (such as on MSN), the Presence service can be used to show the status of anything. Presence server services are often combined ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-multimedia, app-web, application-compendium
Talk Time and Call Logging (Dev Portal)
Monitors talk time and logs calls for legal firms and consultancies. The service provider offers specific online logs per client or client employee. This provides an independent audit trail of activity, so that the subscriber can bill their customers appropriately ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-charging, application-compendium
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