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All content with label app-fixed+app-mobile.
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Abbreviated Destination (Dev Portal)
Lets you abbreviate commonly used address digit strings to one or two digits, which you can dial or text (instead of the complete string) to reach the destination address. You can abbreviate all or part of a number. For example, someone ...
Other labels: app-messaging, app-fmc, application-compendium
Account-Card Calling and Automatic-Alternative Billing (Dev Portal)
variations on the same service let callers bill call usage to their own accounts, or their employers' corporate accounts, or a credit card. Users can either dial the card number and PIN as prefix digits (before the address digits), or "swipe" the card through ...
Other labels: application-compendium
Ad-Sponsored Calling (Dev Portal)
Inserts targeted advertisements before or during calls. For example, a person using a calling card to contact Italy might hear an advertisement promoting new flights to Rome. Or customers might get free or discounted calls if they accept adverts before ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-messaging, app-charging
Alerts (Dev Portal)
Alerts subscribers by message or phone call. On a web platform or directly in the handset, subscribers can configure various alerts, and select which alert providers to subscribe to. Providers can configure the type of alerts to which they let users subscribe. The webservices interface ...
Other labels: app-messaging, application-compendium
Anonymous Call Screening (Dev Portal)
Lets users filter anonymous calls (where the caller has not provided their calling number). Requires an anonymous caller to record their name, then plays it to the user of the service. The user can then accept or refuse the call, or forward it to their voicemail. The service can also ...
Other labels: app, application-compendium
Blacklist and Whitelist Management (Dev Portal)
Lets operators or end users define and manage lists of destinations allowed (whitelists) and/or restricted (blacklists.) Lists may include numbers or ranges of numbers. The system compares call numbers to whitelists and blacklists, and processes them accordingly. Depending on the use case ...
Other labels: application-compendium
Calendar Integration (Dev Portal)
Uses calendar information, such as that from Outlook, to configure customers' calldiversion settings, enhancing their reachability. Automatically routes calls according to calendar events, eliminating awkward, manual, calldiversion configuration. The office phone was configured so that when a businesswoman's Outlook calendar ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-fmc
Call Back When Free (Dev Portal)
When trying to reach someone on their mobile or fixed line, and not getting through, lets you request a call back when the person you are calling is again available to receive a call (back in coverage, turned their phone back on, or finished a call). Having ...
Other labels: application-compendium
Call Distribution (Dev Portal)
Author jonh Distributes customers' incoming calls to various answering points, depending on the subscriber's preset rules. Can direct calls to different destinations depending on conditions such as timeofday, callorigination point, or to deal with congestion. An operator can set rules ...
Other labels: application-compendium
Call Duration Limitation (Dev Portal)
Limits the duration of certain calls, releasing them upon reaching a maximum duration. The service can be configured by the operator or the subscriber, with different limits depending on various characteristics of the calls. A young woman in London whose boyfriend is in Paris, finds that her phone ...
Other labels: application-compendium
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