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All content with label app-fixed+app-web.
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Chat Server (Dev Portal)
Chat Server lets many subscribers communicate simultaneously, in specific "rooms". It uses dynamically created, multicast addresses to delivers messages to all members of a room. It also lets users communicate publicly (sending messages that are accessible by all users), as well ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-messaging, app-multimedia, application-compendium
Click to Call (Dev Portal)
Lets a user, when on the internet, set up calls by clicking a number directly on a web page. Click to Call has many applications in the web world, and is becoming a common feature of many other applications. A man's new TV is just not working ...
Other labels: app-mobile, application-compendium
Integrated Alerting Platform (Dev Portal)
Alerts subscribers by message or phone call. On a web platform, subscribers can configure different alerts, and alerts providers and providers can configure the type of alerts to which they let users subscribe. The webservices interface also lets thirdparty providers (external ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile, app-messaging
Presence Server (Dev Portal)
Lets operators leverage a range of open Presence applications, by using the OpenCloud Rhino product. Not just limited to showing the status of an individual (such as on MSN), the Presence service can be used to show the status of anything. Presence server services are often combined ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app, app-multimedia, application-compendium
Ringback Tone (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers use personalized tones or music, played as "Ringback Tones" (RBTs) to the calling parties. Users can select and prelisten to predefined tones. Once they select an RBT, that melody plays to the calling party until they pick up the phone ...
Other labels: app-mobile, application-compendium
Service Interaction (Dev Portal)
Service Interaction application lets service providers: make new products, by reusing and augmenting existing products (and/or components of products embrace new networks and technologies, to innovate, while minimizing any potential impact from the migration on their subscribers. selectively trigger ...
Other labels: app-fmc, app-charging, app-mobile, app-messaging, app-multimedia, application-compendium
Virtual Call Center (Dev Portal)
Receives and automatically distributes large volumes of calls among various callcenter operators or agents. (The call centers mainly serve as support centers for internal or external customers of a company or organization.) Among other features, the application can provide: IVR integration ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
Web Conferencing Service (Dev Portal)
Uses a softphone or integration with the browser to facilitate audio/video chatting on the PC or mobile, with features including: webbased text chat public and private audio/video chat rooms integration with Presence conference control invite participants by user list or calling ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
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