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All content with label app-messaging+app-mobile+application-compendium.
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Abbreviated Destination (Dev Portal)
Lets you abbreviate commonly used address digit strings to one or two digits, which you can dial or text (instead of the complete string) to reach the destination address. You can abbreviate all or part of a number. For example, someone ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-fmc
Ad-Sponsored Calling (Dev Portal)
Inserts targeted advertisements before or during calls. For example, a person using a calling card to contact Italy might hear an advertisement promoting new flights to Rome. Or customers might get free or discounted calls if they accept adverts before ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-charging
Alerts (Dev Portal)
Alerts subscribers by message or phone call. On a web platform or directly in the handset, subscribers can configure various alerts, and select which alert providers to subscribe to. Providers can configure the type of alerts to which they let users subscribe. The webservices interface ...
Other labels: app-fixed
Call Attempt Alert (Dev Portal)
Alerts the subscriber to attempted (missed) calls. Sends subscribers a text message reporting calls attempted when the handset was switched off or network conditions prevented call completion. The service can be integrated with voicemail, to bypass a missedcall report if the caller leaves ...
Call Completion (Dev Portal)
Delivers a voice message by MMS to a called party that doesn't answer, is busy, or is otherwise not reachable. Includes two functions: Who Called — plays an announcement to the caller and sends a message notifying the called party of the call attempt Notify Me — notifies ...
Other labels: app-multimedia
Chat Server (Dev Portal)
Chat Server lets many subscribers communicate simultaneously, in specific "rooms". It uses dynamically created, multicast addresses to delivers messages to all members of a room. It also lets users communicate publicly (sending messages that are accessible by all users), as well ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-multimedia, app-web
Community Information Board (Dev Portal)
Lets members of a user community leave messages for others in the community. Users can configure the service online to automatically distribute messages (by text) to key people, and let others access them on demand (through the community message board). Operators can ...
Other labels: app-charging, app-web, app
Community What is This (Dev Portal)
Lets users ask a community what they're looking at. They take a picture, and MMS it to the "What is this" community site. Once posted, members of the community can respond with an SMS. Users can include a voiceover with their MMS, to describe where they are and give a context ...
Other labels: app-multimedia, app-web
Content Push (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers automatically receive updated content from the network, to their terminals or softphones. Users subscribe to an RSS channel source, which pushes content to subscribers according to their interests and preferences. Key features include: support of text and streaming SIP ...
Other labels: app-multimedia
Descriptions of What You See (Dev Portal)
Provides an SMS number to get more information about something (and may provide links for even more details through the web). For example, the SMS number might display in a shop window against a promotional item, so that even when ...
Other labels: app-web
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