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Debugging and Problem Diagnosis How-to Guides (Dev Portal)
Introduction This section contains guides related problem diagnosis and debugging of SLEE applications. Debugging and Problem Diagnosis Howto Guides
Other labels: debugging, slee-programming
Development How-to Guides (Dev Portal)
Introduction This section contains guides related to developing SLEE applications. Development Howto Guides
Other labels: slee-programming
Hints and Tips for Debugging SLEE Applications (Dev Portal)
Author ana Introduction This guide introduces the important topic of debugging and provides hints and tips for debugging SLEE applications. Observing Behaviour with Logs The first step to debug your application is observing the logs. Log Keys Subsystems within the Rhino SLEE ...
Other labels: debugging, slee-programming
Hints and Tips for Writing Well Performing SLEE Applications (Dev Portal)
Author ana Introduction This guide introduces good defensive programming practices that will help SLEE application developers avoid many common mistakes during the development of SLEE applications. A subset of the common performance issues are related to general performance issues in the Java ...
Other labels: debugging, slee-programming
How can I get help from OpenCloud (Dev Portal)
Author alex Getting help While we stand by the quality of our software, it is a fact of life that nobody is perfect... and there will inevitably be times when something is not working as you expect... or something is not clear... or you are just not sure what the right thing to do ...
How do I backup a Rhino cluster install (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document briefly outlines strategies for backing up a Rhino cluster install. This includes backing up the Rhino SLEE itself as well as any PostgreSQL instances. Backup Options There exists a number of options depending on what type of backup/restore ...
How do I diagnose class loading problems (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document identifies classloading problems that may arise in JAIN SLEE using Rhino, their common causes and how problems can be diagnosed. First, an explanation of why classloading can be an issue in JAIN SLEE is given. The document then describes ...
Other labels: slee-programming, debugging, loading, classloading, linkageerror, classcastexception, classloader, class
How do I submit a bug report to OpenCloud? (Dev Portal)
Author davidp
How Do I Use Library Jars in SLEE 1.1 (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document provides an overview of SLEE 1.1 library components and how they can be used to include external libraries in the SLEE. What is a Library Component? A library component is a SLEE component that provides a common set of functionality or resources to other components ...
Other labels: slee_1_1
How do I use OpenCloud tools to test IN applications? (Dev Portal)
Author cath Introduction This document describes how to use OpenCloud's IN tools to test IN applications. These tools include the HLR simulator, INCC simulator and backend simulators. It is assumed that the reader has downloaded the latest version of the IN Connectivity Pack. This document refers to examples ...
Other labels: ss7
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