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Backend connection configuration problem using localhost (Dev Portal)
We have a configuration where we connect the MAP/CAP RAs to two separate MAP/CAP backend processes. One is on localhost and the other would be on its pair in the cluster. The backend process is getting in a state where it is rejecting every connection ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Can we use one MAP RA entity for multiple services? (Dev Portal)
query is related to using one MAP RA entity for many services. All the services are required to handle MAP messages. So we are planning to use a single MAP RA entity for all the services by adding the InitialEventSelector method in each service ...
Other labels: ra-development, kb-entry
Delimeter events in CAP and IS41 (Dev Portal)
When should we expect delimiter events? What is the purpose of delimiter events? As you know many operations may be sent in one TCAP message. Delimiters allow you to control the boundaries of the TCAP message. Operations and/or responses are queued on a dialog ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-is41
Do we need two IS41 RA entities, one for receiving and one for sending messages? (Dev Portal)
We will be receiving ORREQ, ANYLZD invoke, SERVREQ, FAVAIL and sending LOCREQ, MSGDIR. Do we need two IS41 RA entities, one for receiving and one for sending messages? One RA entity can both send and receive messages ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-is41
Events for EventReportBCSM in CAP (Dev Portal)
I get the following error when I deploy the CAP RA: An error occurred installing file:service.jar: Error(s) in deployable unit: Verification error(s) in one or more components in sbb.jar: Verification error(s) in sbb component CapSbb 1.0 ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How can a service receive events of a specific IN protocol when using the INCC API? (Dev Portal)
We have noticed that the classes under com.opencloud.slee.resources.incc.cap.operation package are not defined as event types. How can a service receive events of a specific IN protocol when using the INCC API? One of the events is defined as following: <eventdefinition> <eventtypename>com.opencloud.slee.resources.incc.operation.InitialDPInd</ev enttypename> <eventtypevendor ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How does the IS41 RA report an error of an Operation timing out? (Dev Portal)
I have following setup: Host1 Host2 /\ /\ App/RA backend/ulticom <> Ulticom/backend Nohlr \/ \/ The application is sending a Location request from Host1 to Hosts2. But there is no hlr simulator running on Host2. So this request should fail. Somehow however ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-is41
How do I use the CGIN Connectivity Pack demo service? (Dev Portal)
Author dhodson CGIN Connectivity Pack demo service The CGIN Connectivity Pack includes a very simple demo service, in {{$CGINHOME/examples/}} (source code in {{$CGINHOME/examples/src/}}). The demo service simply: accepts CAPv3 and ETSI INAP CS1 ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How many Signalware backend and control processes should be run? (Dev Portal)
Author oliver How many instances of the Signalware backend and control processes should be run in different scenarios, e.g. multiple Signalware nodes or CEs? Control processes Control processes manage the SCCP management state of a single SSN. They monitor the state ...
Other labels: kb-entry
In IS41 scenario, SBB fails to find ACI (Dev Portal)
following code is throwing an exception when it tries to lookup "acifactory". public void setSbbContext(SbbContext context) { super.setSbbContext(context); try catch (NamingException e) { if (log.isDebugEnabled()) } } Here is the exception: 20070123 18:22:49,118 DEBUG,, StageWorker/7 ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-is41
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