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Does an SBB component share the classloader between different services? (Dev Portal)
same SBB component is being used in different services. Does the SBB component share the classloader between the different services? The SBB component jars of all SBBs in a service puted into a single "service" classloader, when that service is installed. Otherwise SBB ...
Other labels: kb-sbb-developer, kb-rhino-slee, slee-programming, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
Exception occurs when object stored in ACI (Dev Portal)
I have this Exception when I get an object (called ConnectionData) stored in an ACI. This object implements Serializable and contains a Request sent by the JAINSIP RA. WARN ocbb.container.SBBDataSbbvendor10OCBBBean failure: com.opencloud.deployed. ServiceSessionTest10vendor.SBBDataSbbvendor10OCBBBean@cb95c9 \java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError\ at ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-rhino-slee
How do I use external libraries from an SBB? (Dev Portal)
How do I use external libraries in components of my service? Use a library component jar. These components are standard in SLEE 1.1 refer to the SLEE 1.1 PFD spec for more details ( ...
Other labels: kb-sbb-developer, kb-entry, kb-rhino-slee
Problems with filepaths in a library component accessed by an SBB (Dev Portal)
Libraries are visible in my projects, but I have some problems with passing filepaths to the methods from separately deployed libraries. The situation is when I invoke some method in my SBB class on the Class object from the deployed library and one ...
Other labels: kb-sbb-developer, kb-entry, kb-rhino-slee
What happens if an RA fires an event not declared in resource-adaptor-jar.xml? (Dev Portal)
I am building a Resource Adaptor and have declared all events fired by the RA at deploy time in the resourceadaptorjar.xml file. What happens if I fire an event not declared in the xml file? All the events fired by a resource adaptor should ...
Other labels: kb-ra-development, kb-entry, kb-rhino-slee
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