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Can I use a database other than PostgreSQL? (Dev Portal)
Can I use a database other than PostgreSQL? For example, I want to access an Oracle database from my service.   Rhino requires PostgreSQL for internal use, such as storing Rhino configuration and deployable units, and synchronizing the Main Working ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Can replication fail even if a Profile update transaction commits? (Dev Portal)
When I use Profile management function from the Web GUI or CLI and add (or update or delete) one profile record, replication to all cluster members will be done in one Transaction. Can replication fail if the transaction commits? No. Replication can't ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-management, kb-entry
Connection Closed exception using a JDBC connection from an SBB (Dev Portal)
We are receiving 'Connection Closed' exceptions when using connections obtained from a datasource. Below, there is a piece of our code and rhinoconfig.xml Connection db = itsDataSource.getConnection(); // itsDataSource is a datasource got from rhino ... db.close(); // it should close a connection from the pool ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Deployment problem on exceeding DB size (Dev Portal)
I have seen a deployment problem: Unable to prepare due to size limits of the DB when I try to deploy the DU, any idea? Is there a chance to figure out which components are the largest? If deployment is unsuccessful this is possibly due to the size restriction ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-management, kb-entry
Does Rhino persist ACIs and SBB entities on restarts? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd Will activities objects and Activity Context Interfaces survive a SLEE restart? If an SBB is attached to a Null Activity, will this SBB entity be persisted? Rhino gives you the option of replication, or no replication (the default). You can specify (via an ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-entry
Do I need to use Rhino database datasource? (Dev Portal)
I don't want to use Rhino datasource and Rhino to manage my database connection. Can I get another datasource (eg, from Spring) and manage the connection directly from a RA or SBB? You only really need to use ...
Other labels: kb-jdbc, kb-transactions, kb-entry
How do I know if my Rhino cluster cannot synchronise one of the PostgreSQL databases? (Dev Portal)
How do I know if my Rhino cluster cannot synchronise one of the PostgreSQL databases? Yes, Messages similar to the following indicate that a PostgreSQL Database Server has terminated either due to administrative action or failure. WARN memdb.storerProfileDatabase/rhinoprofiles ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-clustering
How do I use MySQL from an SBB? (Dev Portal)
I want rhino and the SBB's running on it to talk to mysql database, what steps will I need to take to make that change? Do I have to write any additional interfaces/ code to enable rhino/SBB to talk to the mysql database? You ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Information about memdb, memdb-local, Savanna and the Management Database (Dev Portal)
any information about how memdb, memdblocal, Savannah and the Management Database are integrated regarding what gets replicated and what gets persisted to disk (i.e. postgres)? Transactions that commit to memdblocal become durable for the runtime lifetime of the node they commit on, only ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-entry
KB Databases (Dev Portal)
Introduction KB entries related to use of databases with Rhino SLEE KB Entries
Other labels: kb-entry
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