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AccessControlException connecting console client to Rhino (Dev Portal)
We are seeing an AccessControlException when connecting to Rhino from the rhinoconsole running on a remote machine. access denied ( xxx.yyy.zzz.www:10481 accept,resolve) at a:264) at ... By default, Rhino is strict about which hosts it accepts ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-slee, kb-security
AccessControlException connecting to a MySQL database (Dev Portal)
I'm trying to connect to an external MySQL database. The following exception is thrown when I'm trying to get the connection. WARN resource.jdbc.connectionpool database connection failed; will retry: java.sql.SQLException: Unable to connect to any hosts due to exception: access ...
Other labels: kb-sbb-developer, kb-database, kb-jain-slee, slee-programming
Are licenses enforced on a per-node basis or per-cluster? (Dev Portal)
license enforced on a pernode basis or percluster? The license is enforced percluster. You may have as many nodes/CPUs in the cluster as you want, as long as you do not exceed the throughput limit for the entire cluster. No centralized key server is used, the license ...
Other labels: kb-licensing, kb-rhino-slee
Are SBB CMP fields of the root sbb available on all nodes in the cluster? (Dev Portal)
we deploy a replicated service then will all SBB CMP fields of the root sbb be available on all nodes in the cluster? So, for example, if an activity is started on one node and a second activity is subsequently started on another node then, assuming the the initial events ...
Other labels: slee-programming, sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
Are usage stats aggregated together across the entire cluster? (Dev Portal)
I was under the impression that the usage stats collected on a service which is not replicated would only represent individual pegs on a specific node within the cluster. However, it appears that the usage stats pegged via services which are not replicated are still aggregated together ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-rhino-slee
Backend connection configuration problem using localhost (Dev Portal)
We have a configuration where we connect the MAP/CAP RAs to two separate MAP/CAP backend processes. One is on localhost and the other would be on its pair in the cluster. The backend process is getting in a state where it is rejecting every connection ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-resource-adaptors
Behaviour if no content-type is received in mm7_deliver.REQ (Dev Portal)
We would like to know the behavior of the MM7 RA, when it receives an mm7delivery.REQ that does not contain a value for the "contentType" element. In this scenario, does the RA send a negative response back to MMSC? $ telnet localhost 2885 Trying Connected ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-resource-adaptors
Best Practice for File Access from Rhino (Dev Portal)
I am designing a charging component and want to provide as a first step a simple file writer in the SLEE. Is this in general allowed in the Rhino Container? What about file locations? Is there any restriction to that? Is there something like an application context in a web server ...
Other labels: kb-logging, kb-rhino-slee
Can a B2BUA & Proxy use the same SIP RA? (Dev Portal)
My application performs the header manipulation for B2BUA operations. If the B2BUA vs. Proxy behavior is maintained by application, could both applications use the same RA?   Yes, this is possible. You will need some logic in the applications so that the correct behaviour is used ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-resource-adaptors
Can an RA selectively fire an event to a particular service? (Dev Portal)
possible to configure the SLEE so that events from an RA entity are only delivered to one service? For example, we wanted to have three separate services that would receive events from three different RA entities. We thought ...
Other labels: slee-programming, sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
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