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Connecting to PostgresDB using certificate authentication via JDBC over TLS (Dev Portal)
Can we connect to PostgresDB/Rhino using certificate authentication via JDBC over TLS? We wish to avoid specifying a password in any of our scripts.   The JDBC driver does support TLS, but the server does not support certificatebased authentication ...
Other labels: kb-platforms, kb-rhino-sdk-platforms
Does Rhino install create initial role for PostgresDB instance? (Dev Portal)
Does Rhino create the user identified in answer.config as initial role for that database instance if the defaultmanagementdatabaseuser account does not exist in PostgresDB but has a system super user account?   Rhino and its install script do not create users in Postgres. The "rhino" Postgres ...
Other labels: kb-platforms, kb-rhino-sdk-platforms
KB PostgreSQL Database (Dev Portal)
Introduction KB entries related to the PostgreSQL Database and Rhino KB Entries
Other labels: kb-platforms, kb-rhino-sdk-platforms
Postgres license for re-distributions (Dev Portal)
OpenCloud take care of the Postgres license if we redistribute the product commercially?   PostgreSQL is BSDlicenced so there should be no problems with commercial redistribution. See We don't customize PostgreSQL so if you would prefer ...
Other labels: kb-platforms, kb-rhino-sdk-platforms
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