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Backend connection configuration problem using localhost (Dev Portal)
We have a configuration where we connect the MAP/CAP RAs to two separate MAP/CAP backend processes. One is on localhost and the other would be on its pair in the cluster. The backend process is getting in a state where it is rejecting every connection ...
Other labels: in-ra
Behaviour if no content-type is received in mm7_deliver.REQ (Dev Portal)
We would like to know the behavior of the MM7 RA, when it receives an mm7delivery.REQ that does not contain a value for the "contentType" element. In this scenario, does the RA send a negative response back to MMSC? $ telnet localhost 2885 Trying Connected ...
Other labels: messaging-ra
Can a B2BUA & Proxy use the same SIP RA? (Dev Portal)
My application performs the header manipulation for B2BUA operations. If the B2BUA vs. Proxy behavior is maintained by application, could both applications use the same RA?   Yes, this is possible. You will need some logic in the applications so that the correct behaviour is used ...
Other labels: sip-ra
Can a service explicitly register for DataSM , SumbitMultiResp and DeliverSM events? (Dev Portal)
Can a service explicitly register for DataSM, SumbitMultiResp and DeliverSM events? Will all the different PDUs and their responses come as separate events?   Yes, all of the different request and response PDUs correspond to different events.The event definitions are in the event jar file smppevents.jar ...
Other labels: messaging-ra
Cancel request not received (Dev Portal)
We are trying to receive a sip cancel request to a prior received initial invite from the same subscriber. Our server sends out a 100 and after having connected to a media server it sends 183 to the subscriber. After that the cancel comes from ...
Other labels: sip-ra
Can I add fields to a CallDetailRecord in CDR RA? (Dev Portal)
I want to add some additional fields to CDRs generated by my application. Can I do this by subclassing CallDetailRecord? public MyCallDetailRecord extends CallDetailRecord Will this allow we to write my CDR in the following way: MyCallDetailRecord myCDR = new MyCallDetailRecord ...
Other labels: other-ra
Can I configure 2 CDR RAs ? (Dev Portal)
following configuration possible? Configure two CDR RAs RA1 and RA2. SBB 1 generates CDR using RA1. SBB 2 generates CDR using RA2. RA1 creates CDR under /cdr1. RA2 creates CDR under ...
Other labels: other-ra
Can I use the HTTP resource adaptor to integrate a webserver with the Rhino? (Dev Portal)
way in which a webserver can be integrated with rhino slee? If we use HTTP resource adaptor for this purpose then which entity will do the HTTP's basic authentication (as normally a webserver would be doing that)? The HTTP RA provides the HTTP protocol and does not support ...
Other labels: http-ra
Can MM7 RA raise any indication to SBB ? (Dev Portal)
Resource Adaptor (MM7 RA) handles connection establishment with MMSC (n/w elements). Will the RA raise an alarm or generate an indication event if there is any failure of LAN Connection?   The RA fires error events with an appropriate HTTPlevel ...
Other labels: messaging-ra
Cannot create SIP dialog using SUBSCRIBE (Dev Portal)
I'm trying to implement the SIP SUBSCRIBE request (RFC3265). This request is supposed to establish a SIP dialog if one has not already been established. In order to do this I have enclosed the following snippet of code: public void onSubscribeRequest(RequestEvent event ...
Other labels: sip-ra
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