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Can two Rhino clusters use the same signalware backend? (Dev Portal)
Can two Rhino clusters use the same signalware backend?   This would work if the services on the two Rhino clusters used different SSNs. Multiple Rhino clusters can use the same Signalware hardware but the following must be the case: There is 1 or more ...
Other labels: kb-platforms
Connecting RA to a real switch (Dev Portal)
How do I connect the RA to a real switch, not the simulator?   You will need an SS7 protocol stack; we use Ulticom Signalware. You will also need SS7 boards from Ulticom unless you support SIGTRAN in the network
Other labels: kb-platforms
KB Ulticom Signalware (Dev Portal)
Introduction KB entries related to Ulticom Signalware and Rhino KB Entries
Other labels: kb-platforms
MOM Queue Full Error (Dev Portal)
We recently had a problem with the backend and its communication with Ulticom. Ulticom is reporting the following alarm: "MOM Queue Full Error". Generally speaking, Ulticom support indicated that our application (the backend) was not taking messages off the queue.   One possibility ...
Other labels: kb-platforms
Questions of Rhino on congestion indicators (Dev Portal)
When the backend receives an SS7 congestion indicator from the network, will future outbound requests (TLDN queries in our case) to the backend return an error to the RAs during this network state? Rhino ignores congestion indicators. There is nothing in our ...
Other labels: ulticom, kb-core-general, kb-rhino-slee
Signalware 9.02SP2 bug on Linux causes system to hang (Dev Portal)
Linux, the systems hangs when we execute rhinobackendcontrol binary for the 'switch' node, why?   There is a bug in Signalware 9.02SP2 on Linux where the system may hang if the 'name' given in the 'createprocess' instruction is longer than a certain number of characters (12). The workaround ...
Other labels: kb-platforms
Ulticom board for SS7 links (Dev Portal)
Can we use other SS7 boards we have (e.g. dialogic) with Ulticom Signalware and Rhino?   Unfortunately you do need Ulticom boards for use with signalware the dialogic boards will not work
Other labels: kb-platforms
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